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Apr 12, 2009


Haa, every time I told my mom "I'm going to friend's place", I did go... but not this time ;-)

Went to the bus stop to catch the first bus.

I wonder whether Hyderabad is full of pairs and couples going all around or whether I'm observing only them.
I find soo many of them everywhere.. indeed I'm finding only them. Here too, as soon as I got in, I found one pair sitting near the door.

The bus was mostly empty and I took the window seat. It was pollution outside so conductor closed all the windows. Now as good as any other place (huh!). I was trying to look through the tinted glass, what was going on outside. Election time, so all roads full of guys on bikes with flags, campaigning for their Favorite (maximum paying) leaders.

Now and then, I was looking at the other window and door too. Just when I was turning towards the door that girl of the before said pair looked at me. Then she stared at me. I was like "Ahemm"

Some time later, I was busy watching this guy screaming while doing some feats on his bike on the road and I followed him towards the door and he disappeared. Just then, she looks again. This time like I'm one weirdo watching them people.

Third time and fourth time... She now whispers something and the guy looks at me too. I wanted to tell "Aaaaahh.. This is too much.. I'm not observing you, not even bothered about you... you hyper idiotic girl, you're looking at me every time I see that side." Looked like that guys perceiving my this "perplexed" look in a different way.

"Aaaaah... sucks" I thought and now kept looking at the roadside shops and stalls.

That's the last stop and they don't move. When I crossed them on way to the door, they both were staring at me or I'd rather say "the pair was staring at me".
I gave a "VERY cheap" look like "yeeeekhhh.. get looooost" and with that satisfaction and happiness I royally got down the bus to find another random bus and got into it.

My phone rings and I'm asked to return home. "pheww, sigh.. Huh huh huh" I felt and next time I do anything like this, people at home will be privileged to use my phone.

Got down this and got another bus back home.

Now the last seat!!!
that same couple!!!
They'd have brushed off any doubt they had that I wasn't really watching them NOW. And now, would even be thinking that I'm following THEM!!

"You're using the bus like this tooo!!!........ ??"
whatever.. I thought. It was quite romantic ;-) though

Now what could they be thinking "He's looking at me only": GIRL
"No.. He's looking at me. I think I know him somewhere. He could be one of my friends's friends": BOY

"you always say you know everyone!!" : GIRL
"However, Boys don't stare at boys" : GIRL again

"Not sure about that.... But, boys... hmmm, will definitely not watch you..": BOY

He he :-)
I'm planning a random trip out of the city this time... Somewhere far. Take the first bus you find


sana said...

hehe...dat was funny :P

Zephyr said...

aww, i thought this would be tht time! lol. funny interpretation of the couple tho!

sHaDy said...

lol lol nice... really funny...
and dude count me in for the next trip...i am game...

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